How and where to buy the reversible octopus plush?

Oct 26, 20
How and where to buy the reversible octopus plush?

The reversible octopus plush can be purchased directly on the internet from our online store. Receive the official plush to the different colors that you can make varier the moods ! Transform it into a happy smiling octopus plush or disgruntled plush! Just flip it from the inside to bring up the other mood!

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What is the reversible plush that smiles?

The original reversible plush octopus! Show your mood without saying a word. These octopus soft toys are rreversible!. Reversible octopus plush toys are a fun concept that will let you show off your mood.

  1. Get your plush by ordering it from our internet store.
  2. Once received, admire there, it is in "happy" mode.
  3. Go back inside there, she's so sweet. She won't be happy.

It's an adorable plush toy that appeals to young and old alike! A great gift for children or for a couple.

  • These soft toys are cute and reversible!
  • Show your mood without saying a word - each side shows a different emotion
  • Recommended from 6 years old!

This plush for sale therefore has a double face! It is an excellent comforter as a small soft toy for an adult or for a child. She shows her emotion and changes her mood as she turns around. She therefore displays a face of happy and not happy.

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4 colors of reversible octopus soft toys

Buy your reversible octopus plush on the internet

Don't fall for the second-hand stuffed animals you will find on Ebay or Amazon. Buy this superb new plush on our online store to ensure the official side and the perfect finish of our plush. It will be soft and adorable, available in different colors and at the best price!

Here are some opinions:

  • "I love it so much! It makes me laugh every time I see it. I bought one about a month ago and another I received in 2 days! My only annoyance is that the label is so big and so conspicuous on it, but I can probably cut it! Overall, love it and the shipping fast! "
  • "This mood octopus is a so cute little plush.
    Mine is pictured, but there are other colors available.
    I liked it so much that I bought one for my 14 year old son and one for my 22 year old daughter. They both love it!
    It is soft, smooth and well made. It comes with a long tag on the side, but I just cut it. The colors are bright. And it's quite satisfying to turn it over and put it back upside down. "
  • "I bought it as gift for christmas, but when I received him, I fell in love with him. I was so close to keeping it to myself. He's super soft and super adorable. I ended up receiving one as a gift from the same person I gave it to and fell in love all over again. Superb size for cuddles. "

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