Kawaii stuffed animals - top cutest stuffed animals

Nov 03, 20
Kawaii stuffed animals - top cutest stuffed animals

Kawaii soft toys are cute and adorable soft toys. Kawaii (which can also be written Kawai or kawaï) means cute in Japan. Here is our top selection of the cutest stuffed animals, including the reversible kawaii stuffed animals that you can buy on our store.

What is kawaii?

Kawaii is one of the most frequently used Japanese words. In a broader sense, it describes the culture of celebrating all the adorable things and embracing fictional characters as the embodiment of positivity. This concept, which is originally a trend cultural typically japanese, quickly evolved into the global phenomenon it is today, spreading across many aspects of modern life including art, fashion, technology, and even food.

Since Hello Kitty, Sanrio and many other manufacturers have developed cute characters who, while fictional, have also become pop icons. Think of Pokémon's Pikachu, Afro Ken dog, and even emojis - they all have one thing in common: cute ! Kawaii characters are generally designed to have a disproportionate body, a large head, wide eyes, a small nose, and little or no facial expression. The lack of emotions is actually what makes them so adorable, as it allows viewers to project themselves into the character, whether it's a small child or an adorable animal. This is where Kawaii plush toys make their appearance.

What soft toys are Kawaii?

Kawaii plush toys are therefore the ones that express this positivity, this cute and adorable side. So there is :

  • Reversible plush toys, such as cat or octopus.
  • Those inspired by real life or manga, movies with big heads.
  • Everything that is cute in reality.

We tend to think directly of cat and rabbit stuffed animals, but there are also dinosaur stuffed animals, dragons or even toads that can be kawaii! By the way there are many who are DIY (do it yourself) people learn to sew their own stuffed animals. But it must be said, it's rather complicated!

Below is a Kawaii and reversible octopus soft toy.

A reversible kawaii octopus soft toy

So let's start our kawaii plush toy top:

  1. The cats, because everyone loves these felines, especially plush!
  2. The rabbits, because they are too cute and too soft. Children and adults love them!
  3. The dogs, but hey that's good because he's man's best friend.
  4. The dinosaurs, because normally they are scary but they are adorable plush kawaii.
  5. Chicks and others birds, because we love the angry bird head!
  6. Those of cartoon or movie characters, such as kawaii Harry Potter plush toys for example
  7. Aquatic animals, especially our adorable kawaii reversible octopus plush which beats all records.
  8. The furniture, vegetables and fruits, because yes, you can also put eyes and a mouth on them to make adorable soft toys!

With these kawaii cuddly toys, it is sure that you will please children or adults! You don't need to search for a plush on amazon because you will find our awesome plush toys in our online store at a cheap price!

Moreover, this fashion does not only extend to our little fabric companions, but also to hats, to clothes with cute dinosaurs and dragons, in small and large sizes. To buy original kawaii plush toys, visit our online store!


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