Why adults have the right to soft toys like children!

Oct 27, 20
Why adults have the right to soft toys like children!

Often, when we think of the stuffed animal, we immediately think of a child. After all, one of the main characteristics of childhood is the presence of a plush friend who goes with you wherever you go.

Of course, since fluff unfortunately doesn't last forever, it ends up disappear from our life when we grow up and replace them with other things in our life. But we have a good reason to bring these soft toys back into our lives.

A decorative object for a bedroom

The sight of a cute soft toy can often make you smile without you even thinking about it. This is one of the main reasons we do what we do. Whether it's a teddy bear to go with Valentine's Day roses, adorable gnomes in plush To spruce up your indoor garden or even just a plush penguin for your desk, a plush can serve as a decoration and addition to almost any decor.

It not only allows you to express yourself and what you love, but also brings more creativity and friendliness to whatever you decide to "fluff". Express your mood with the two-sided octopus plush toy.

An improvement in falling asleep and a problem to be fixed

The act of sleeping with a teddy bear or a childhood blanket is generally considered perfectly acceptable (they can have negative connotations if they are associated with childhood trauma or if they were an emotional substitution for a parent). But behavioral health specialist Tracey Jones, MD, says assessing the overall health of this act depends on whether it is "useful or detrimental to a person's emotional integrity, daily functioning and interpersonal relationships ".

For example, do you avoid traveling because you cannot bring your teddy bear with you for some reason - for example, it embarrasses you to the point of causing you distress. Or is it preventing you from having an intimate relationship with yourself and a loved one? These two situations are warning signs.

When it comes to the issue of intimacy, the best way to assess the situation is to have honest conversations with your partner, says clinical psychologist Inna Khazan, PhD. If your partner feels threatened by the presence of the soft toy (maybe you cuddle it for them), explain its importance to them, but also be open to listening to their concerns.

A little more comfort and softness

In addition to serving as decoration and an expression of personality, a plush can also serve a more practical purpose: comfort! Lots of soft toys make great pillows and / or cushions, and having a few in your living room or living room can be a great way to make yourself comfortable. When given a choice, most people would rather lie on the 32 inch large plush penguin doll rather than the same boring old pillow or chair.

A wonderful gift for a couple or children

In addition to being soft and comfortable, plush toys can also be used as gifts, especially for special occasions. A large number of special plush toys are made especially for birthdays, graduation ceremonies, parties and many other events of celebrationwhich means they are still a great option. They can serve as a cute and cuddly keepsake of a special day for years to come, or just a new plush companion. Either way, most people will appreciate a good, thoughtful plush gift.

Rekindle memories and nostalgia from childhood

Finally, plush dolls can serve as a reminder of our favorite childhood companions and / or characters. Whether it's your favorite pet, cartoon character, or your own stuffed animal, nowadays you can find almost any kind of stuffed animal to remind you of. the good old times.

A good stuffed animal can not only help you bring back good memories, but also share those memories and stories with others around you, and even pass them on to children.

Now you might consider picking up a plush friend on your next online shopping or sales spree. If you don't know which plush to choose, visit our reversible plush store online.

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